Procurement agent sufficient communication

One-stop procurement service for hundreds of items

After more than 30 years devoting in industrial metal stamping , HSIEH Metal have built strong supply chain to work together in a project. Supply chain including Casting, Valve, Surface treatment, Plastic Injection, Rubber Injection. One single project might need 3-4 manufacturers or more and we work closely with our clients and suppliers as a team.

With technical background and co-working experience for many years, we can communicate efficiency, feedback advice and support oversea clients by reacting to local logistic issue instantly. Let our client's focus on their local business.

Horizontally Integrate your project/shipment.

In addition to vertical integration of a project, we are also able to horizontally integrate when you have multiple projects running in Taiwan.

For example, if you have 5 suppliers in Taiwan and each of them are going to ship to you. You need to place 5 orders, arrange 5 shipments and make 5 payments. Not to mention the communications and follow ups in between.

With our help, you could simplify all complicated process into a single contact window. Please see followed chart for a better understanding:




With our service you will have one single contact window, place one single order, receive one single shipment and make one single payment.

Our service is commission based so all information including suppliers and price are transparent. You are free to contact all supplier so no need to worry about incredible price adding up like traditional trading company.

Find a supplier quickly, saving your time and total cost.

You can focus on your selling and marketing. We help you do the supply. We also help our clients Global Sourcing. Please feel free send us inquiry for more information.